Just like certified accounting firms, we provide accounting and tax services for corporation and business owners  at very reasonable costs.

Our goal is to help small to mid-sized businesses save more money. Most accounting firms in Canada charge $1,100 to $1,800 for a simple corporate tax return. For the same quality, we charge $100 to $400. And a nil return only $75 (other firms charges $300 to $600).

We have 20 years of experiences in Canadian accounting and taxation. Simply contact us to get a quote.

Pricing Details

1) Corporate Tax Return: for basic activities (lots of Canadian corporations fall into this category). Schedules: 1, 2, 4, 8, 50, 100, 125, 140, 141, 200, 524, 546. Price: $295

If you have dividends, investment income, foreign income and tax, rental income and other income. Schedules 3, 6, 7, 21. Add $100

If you have related (more than one) corporations. Schedules 9, 23, 511. Add $100

2) Account Analysis: We carefully analyze your general ledger accounts for correctness. This ensure recording of transactions correctly and your books are ready for tax and GST/HST filing. From $50:

3) Treaty Return: Foreign corporations doing business. For example, selling goods/services to Canada (via online, Amazon, eBay, etc) and have no permanent establishment. Schedules 91, 97, 200 and NR 303. From $300 to $350

If you collect GST/HST, add $50 for preparation and filing.

4) Compiled Financial Statements: Simply provide us with a trial balance or financial statements, we will prepare NTR style financial statements with our company heading. Price $300

5) GST/HST Return Preparation and filing. Price $75

6) Sales Tax Return (BC, MB, SK, and QC). Price $75

7) CRA Correspondence. Price $65 to $100, up to 1.5 hours

8) T5 Slip. Price $65 ($25 for each additional slip)

9) T4 Slip. Price $65 ($25 for each additional slip)

10) T4 Slip ($25 for each additional slip). Price $65

11) Quick Method Election (GST 74). Price $50

12) Annual Return: Required by Industry Canada. Not to confuse with the corporate tax return filed with Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). Price $75

13) T2125: Preparation of Business statement and activities for self-employed business owners and professionals. Price $150

14) Bookkeeping: This service is offered with the corporate tax and self-employed return filing at additional costs. Please contact us if you have other situation or require more information.

15) Business Accounting Setup: Set up accounting systems (QuciKBooks, Sage 50), add employees, guidance on registering for Business numbers with CRA. From $150

16) Business Consultation: Consult with professionals whether you need to incorporate your business, charging GST/HST, what accounting systems to use, hire employees or subcontractors. Price $100 (up to 1 hour),

Conveniently located in the heart of Mississauga. However most of our clients do not need to meet with us, as they provide documents via email or dropboxes (Google Drive, One Drive etc).