About Us

Our consulting firm is based out of Mississauga, ON working for hundreds of clients for over 20 years. Most of our accountants have graduated from Canadian universities.

Thousands of small businesses have been served by us and saving tons of money for tax preparation and accounting related services.

Our next phase of service is to train new graduate and/or immigrants for accounting or tax related jobs.  As you already know, without job experience it is unlikely for you to get a paid job in Canada.

We work for a number of clients on a regular basis and we’ve prepared course materials to teach the candidates so they can get a job faster and adapt to the Canadian office environment.

Our experience ranges in almost all industries including retails, professionals, manufacturing, medicals and real estate.

By having us to prepare your corporate tax return, you save money significantly. And by completing a course, you will learn accounting and taxes from Canadian accountants, NOT from a college or university processors.