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You will receive training on real Canadian experience in the field. Find out what to expect on a day-to-day basis in an accounting role. Our training is based on our practical real-life experience that you will need to succeed when you enter the job market. 

We have 20 years of experience in accounting / bookkeeping working for accounting firms and companies, and we will share that knowledge with you.

Hands-on Training

100% job-related instructions with insider videos, training materials, practical documents, and free software to download.

New Immigrants or Graduate?

You have education but not getting a job because of skills? We are here to get you ready for an accounting job in Canada.

Support and Easy Access

Access training courses from your laptop, iPad or phone. Support is provided via texts / SMS, calls, insider comments and live chats.


|You can complete courses within 2 to 14 days|

Accounting / QuickBooks – Basic

QuickBooks functionalities, accounting terms, phrases, rules at Canadian companies, various ways to post transactions with real documents.

$495.00 $239.00
$495.00 $239.00

Accounting / QuickBooks – Complete

All lessons from Basic, preparation of GST/HST returns, bank reconciliation, complete payroll, accounts payable and receivable with practical examples.

$950.00 $495.00
$950.00 $495.00

Bank and Credit Card Reconciliation

Reconcile bank and credit card statements in Canadian and US dollars. Identify reconciling or outstanding items. Post missing transactions.

$250.00 $148.00
$250.00 $148.00

Accounts Payable and Receivable (A/P, A/R)

Create vendors, post bills, receipts, apply credits, process cheque runs. Create customers and invoices, receive payments, apply discounts and make deposits.

$210.00 $168.00
$210.00 $168.00

GST/HST Return Preparation

Record GST/ HST, manage sales taxes in QuickBooks, prepare various types of returns - normal, zero rated, quick method and non-residence,.

$310.00 $175.00
$310.00 $175.00

Payroll Processing and WSIB Premiums

Set up employees, enter time sheets, pay rates, update tax deductions, CPP, EI. Provide info to ADP or Ceredien. Pay remittances to Canada Revenue...

$256.00 $155.00
$256.00 $155.00

Inventory Management

Enter and manage finished goods / items, set up prices, enter sales receipts in QuickBooks, perform monthly or yearly inventory calculation.

$245.00 $149.00
$245.00 $149.00

Tax Preparation T1 and T2

Prepare personal and corporate tax returns. This course is currently delivered via one-to-one Skype/Webex. Please contact for more information.

$839.00 $498.00
$839.00 $498.00
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Our training sessions are 100% based on work, NOT theory based. Each course is self explanatory, supported by real documents such as, bank & credit card statements, invoices, GST/HST returns, payroll items and a sample company.   Our programs are designed specifically to get you a job in Canada.

Our every lesson is less than one hour. Lessons are short, because we do NOT put contents that you do not need. A textbook may have 900 pages, but does your professor go over all the 900 pages? NO. Our lessons have been prepared for you to learn efficiently and get ready for an accounting job.  We’ve supplied materials exactly you need for a job.  

After registering for a course, you have immediate access to course materials and training lectures.  Preview the course and / or have a chat with us for questions. NO refund. All purchases are FINAL. 

We help you learn what accountants and bookkeepers do at offices. Getting a job depends on several factors. If you lack experience or does not have specific skills for your job, we guarantee everything you learn from us is 100% work related.

When payment is approved, you have access to the program for about 20 weeks. Read the instructions and materials (by printing), download QuickBooks and a sample company, and watch the short videos step by step. For any question, contact us via emails or chats. 

No. Just complete the lessons one by one.  

We use Quickbooks through out the training. For jobs with an accounting (CPA) firm, we use Caseware/Caseview but not available now. In the future, we will add Sage 50 (Simply Accounting), Business Vision, Accounting Edge, Quicken and many more. 

Each lesson is less than an hour. Watch the lesson multiple times unless you get to it fully. Assume you spend 1 or 2 days for each lesson. Based on this fact, the Complete program can be successfully learned in less than 2 weeks. Do NOT rush. Aim to finish the Senior or Complete program (8 lessons) in less than 1 month.